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Software development methodologies

Software development methodologies

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There is a lot of talk these days about agile versus non agile development. With global competition arising many companies are moving into the agile development direction to maximize the features throughput and minimize the time to market for their software solutions.

Some people think agility means not to gather requirements and to jump into developing code. Some other think it all means writing code fast. Some others believe it’s all about stand up meetings or, better off, no meetings at all. They walk in through cubicles wearing worn off jeans, taking digital pictures of illegible white board schematics and carrying inexpensive yellow notebooks.

Other people just freak out when they hear the word agile: they just don’t want to get involved.

In fact agility is defined as a lean way to scope, develop, test, release, deploy and support code in small, iterative steps so that business value is deliver fast and defects / need of enhancements will come up early in the process.

And agility is not the answer to every business. Depending on your company’s size, culture and line of business here are ten tips to help you out with choosing between an agile or water fall development style.

(1) Agile development is great when you have a small, experienced team that is geographically located in the same building (or can very easily daily face-to-face communicate with each other).

(2) Water fall is better when you have large geographically separated teams working on the same project

(3) Water fall is better when you are in a highly regulated environment. In such environments following a strict development, test and deployment process is usually required.

(4) Agile is fantastic for small teams that trust each other and interact very well with business users.

(5) Water fall is good when you are concerned with the immediate safety and performance of your production artifacts.

(6) Agile is good when you have a skillful team that reacts well to requirements changes no matter how late in the process.

(7) Agile is good when you have a good relationship with the customer, i.e. the customer is actively involved in the process.

(8) Water fall is good when you are required to produce development documentation in a certain format and follow a certain deployment production process (usually for audit purposes).

(9) Agile delivers business value when the customer has the ability to use the flux of newly delivered features.

(10) Water fall is good in core business projects of large scale organizations such as banks or healthcare insurance providers.

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