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Certified personal training

Certified personal training

  • Location: Bath

Most people today are very conscious of their health and fitness. Aside from following a proper diet, most would be engaged in some type of physical activity. This could involve joining a gym or fitness club to engage in regular exercise or playing some type of sports. There are others who would want to concentrate on building a strong and healthy body. For those who are interested in health and physical fitness, they might want to consider taking their interest up to a higher level and that is to become a certified personal trainer.

Trainers are instructors who help people in becoming fit or improving their sports. They are knowledgeable in many aspects of health and fitness which include proper nutrition and diet, basic principles of exercise and physiology and even safety in training. Some would go on to become coaches for certain sports helping others become the best in their field. These instructors would need to be prepared to help groups of people on a continuing basis.

Having a career in the fitness or sports industry can be exciting and lucrative. Not only does one get to become healthy, one can also meet lots of interesting personalities. These include people from different sectors of society as well as athletes from various sports. There is also the possibility of becoming a coach to a future star player or athlete. And if the sports engaged in by one’s trainee involves travel all over the world, then one can get to go to many places all over and meet people of diverse cultures.

One can also set up personal training business that may or may not include establishing fitness clubs or putting up fitness classes. Then there is also revenue that can be earned from producing fitness videos, instructional materials as well as books. Aside from monetary reward, the most gratifying benefit would be the knowledge that one is helping others to become the best they can be. Also, helping people change their bad habits to healthier lifestyles is something that cannot be discounted.

Certification programs vary but most would offer training in anatomy, nutrition and techniques in exercising parts of the body to improve stamina and performance. Included would also be safety measures and treatment as well as prevention of injuries. There would also be schooling in how to design a program to help specific individuals in particular circumstances or catering to unique sports and activities.

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