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Anamosys Growth & Change Management for Technology Businesses


GL15 4AW

Overall rating of 4 based on 3 reviews.

  • Location: Bristol

Anamosys enables business growth within smaller technology companies by helping them to organise and to scale.

For early stage businesses this is about bridging a gap, enabling a small band of enthusiastic and passionate individuals to become a professional, sustainable and growing team. For more established businesses it is about making the organisational change needed to move to the next level.

We can provide assistance with:

  • Mentoring and coaching of the management team in organisation, scalability and growth strategies.
  • Creation and roll out of appropriate business processes and infrastructure.
  • Handling multiple concurrent customers and projects, and significant information and resources.
  • Change management needed to transition from a small to a medium sized enterprise.
  • Effective communication and people management needed to shift team thinking and behaviour.

Help can be provided on an advisory basis or by working more closely with the business to devise and implement change.

Peter Cain


Growth & Change Management for Technology Businesses

Reviews for Anamosys (3)

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    Managing Director, Wysenergi

    “Peter brought his considerable operational knowledge and practice to bear
    when I was starting Wysenergi, helping me to get things moving and acting as an
    important sounding board for my thoughts about business strategy. His ideas for
    the launch event and the help he provided in organising it contributed
    significantly to the promotion of the new business.”

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    Channel Sales Director, Scyron

    “I valued my time spent working with Peter at Scyron. I was able to see first-hand
    how Peter diplomatically and effectively created change within the product team.
    He successfully implemented the changes – within personnel and product
    roadmaps – to raise Scyron to the next level commercially. These changes
    helped Scyron to secure extra funding in a challenging financial climate and
    ultimately to a successful acquisition by Centerprise.”

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    Managing Director, Cabot Communications

    “At Cabot Communications, Peter restructured the engineering team,
    establishing product development, customer project, and support teams, building
    an automated test team, and putting in place appropriate process for planning
    work and managing resource. These significant changes enabled us to sell
    future work with confidence and to deliver to customers reliably, both key to
    enabling growth of the business. Under Peter’s guidance, engineering capacity
    increased significantly, both in Bristol and with the establishment of a new
    offshore engineering team in Turkey.

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